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We’re an independent brewery and cellar door in Yeerongpilly, owned by Deale and Elisa Stanley-Hunt. We’re local to Brisbane ourselves, and we look after our locals. But no matter where you come from, you’re always welcome at Slipstream. When you come into the brewery, you can enjoy a fresh beer in full view of the stainless steel tanks it was brewed in. Our cellar door has an industrial feel but is still a place that values good conversation, whether you’re meeting a mate or just want to chat with us. And we’re kid-friendly, so you’re welcome to bring your whole family to enjoy an afternoon of music, food trucks, and together time.

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Hops are the heroes.

At Slipstream, we brew and enjoy all kinds of beer. And we craft all of our beers with balance, giving due credit to the malt, yeast, and water we use, and the important parts they play. But there’s a special place in our hearts for hops. We love the freshness and the juiciness, the zing and the zest. We love to explore different dimensions in IPAs, try interesting new styles, and create sessionable beers that blow you away.
When a beer is overflowing with the tropical aromas of fresh New World hops, or when a single sip transports you to the middle of a pine forest, or the citrusy bitterness makes your face flicker but keeps you coming back for more, then we know we’ve done our job.

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Inspired by the greats.

When we visited the USA and tasted the American beer scene with wide-eyed wonder, we knew there was no going back. We had seen a vision of a hoppy future in Australia, and it looked magnificent.

We returned to the US year after year, visiting different regions, following good beer trails, and going on brewery tours. With each brewery, we visited, and with each beer we tasted, we asked ourselves, “What do we love about this? What would we do differently?”

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment when we decided we were going to start our own brewery back home in Australia. But as soon as we did, we knew we’d be able to benefit from the innovations of some of the best breweries in the world.

We took that hop-forward influence and made it our own, based on the styles we love to drink, the people in our community, and the world-class ingredients available in Australia.

We’re caught up in the slipstream of the greats. Come join us.

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