It’s no secret that we’re living in a sour beer renaissance. It’s a timely trend which has allowed many brewers to break traditional brewing conventions and explore a new world of possibilities relating to flavours and intensity.

For Slipstream Brewing, the sour beer evolution has been an opportunity for us to forage a range of sophisticated fruits from around the world, and experiment with extracting lively flavours, to deliver them as a collection of signature brews. The Fruit Cart series is playful and cheery, and gets back to the basics of fun beer, which flirts with fruity aromas and influence

The range so far: Fruit Carts to roll into Slipstream Brewing

Feijoa Sour – 3.5% ABV
The newest member to the Fruit Cart family is a refreshing season favourite which was brewed with the laidback mind frame of our southern Kiwi cousins.

The tartness of the Feijoa packs a sharp but wildly refreshing punch that can be both sessioned or savoured. Much like the rest of the Fruit Cart series, Feijoa Sour can be considered a “gateway sour beer”.

If you’re yet to dabble in the sour beer circle, the subtle Feijoa Sour flavours are a safe place to start.

Beer Cocktail Recipe: Enjoy Feijoa Sour a different way

Each release of our Fruit Cart series is a great base for a refreshing cocktail. This simple recipe brings it to life with a new twist:

30ml Gin
20ml Lemon juice
20ml Sugar syrup
90ml Slipstream Fruit Cart Feijoa Sour

Shake in a cocktail shaker with ice and serve with a wedge of pineapple. Enjoy.

Guava Sour – 3.5% ABV
Fruit Cart’s Guava Sour is quite the over-achiever, having won gold at the Australian International Beer Awards for Best British & European Style Ale. Once the subtle sweetness of this tropical brew hits your lips, you will understand why.

It’s wildly refreshing with a tarte finish, slightly sophisticated, yet universally enjoyable.

Passionfruit Sour – 3.5% ABV
If there’s one fruit that can be relied on to bring the tartness, it’s the passionfruit. Encompassing all the tangs, sweetness and sourness found in this beloved summer fruit, this one is a staple sour. It’s wildly refreshing on a warm afternoon and is as drinkable as it is sophisticated.

Our Fruit Cart Sour series can be tasted on tap in our Yeerongpilly venue, purchased in cans from our website, and found in select local retailers and bars.