Cold IPA is a new trend in IPA brewing that has swept across the USA and has now made its way to Australian shores. The intent of cold IPA is to make as clean and crisp a beer as possible to truly showcase the character and expression of the hops used. 

Typically, they are brewed using a pilsner malt base rather than ale malt and often use rice or corn in the grain bill as well to keep the beer light and refreshing. Fermentation is carried out at cooler temperatures than a typical IPA and can be done using either ale or lager yeasts… But have no doubts, this is not an IPL or dry hopped lager. This is an IPA in its cleanest and crispest form.

We have embarked on a series of Cold IPA experiments here at Slipstream and are super excited to this week release the first of those (and what we believe to be the first commercial Cold IPA in QLD).

Hell Freeze IPA was our 666th (see what we did with the name?????) batch, brewed on our pilot brewhouse and is the first of a few cold IPAs we have in our pipeline.

Hell Freeze IPA is 6.5% of crisp, hoppy goodness.  A unique blend of hops was used to bring a beer bursting with aromas of Orange, papaya, lemon, gooseberry, lychee and pine. In the mouth its crisp and clean with a firm bitterness to balance and a dry finish.

A beer that we are sure you’ll love and the first of many Slipstream developments in the style.

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