G-Force IPA


Carton x 12 6.5% ABV
Brace yourself for a change of speed—G-Force doesn’t follow the same well-worn roads as other IPAs. You’ll taste familiar flavours, but also find yourself intrigued. You won’t come up against an explosion of tropical fruits, and you won’t find a dank, resinous West Coast IPA. We took inspiration from the juicy IPAs of Vermont but didn’t want to be limited by their style.

It pours as liquid gold, with a touch of natural haze from being unfiltered and untamed. The aromas are bright and fruity, but with gentle herbal, spicy notes thrumming underneath. The chassis is made up of zippy carbonation and a chewy mouthfeel, built to hold up under the pressure of the hop overload. Grapefruit sharpness on the tongue is mellowed out with hints of pineapple and bubble gum, fruit blossoms and apricot. All of the hop additions are late in the process, so while there’s enough bitterness to remind you this is an IPA, it’s overridden by the pumped up aromas, bright hop flavours, and supercharged hop oil content.

This is an IPA you’ll want to drink again and again. You can’t resist the pull of G-Force.

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12 x 375 ml cans

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