Maximum G-Force Imperial IPA

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This 9% ABV Imperial IPA is an elevated expression of the things we love most about IPA. Brace yourself to enter a flavour vortex of dank, diesel, citrus, and pine notes, accompanied by a bold bitterness that lingers on the palate, leaving behind a dry resinous finish. ⁠

We’ve gone all out, blending generous quantities of classic Chinook and Nelson Sauvin hops with contemporary varieties Strata, Ekuanot, and Superdelic. But we don’t stop there; we’ve even incorporated cutting-edge Freestyle Nelson Hop Kief extract to amplify the hop sensation to the max.
It’s a hop lover’s dream come true!

500ml Cans | 9.0% ABV



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1 review for Maximum G-Force Imperial IPA

  1. Transplex

    Ladies and gentlemen, buckle your seatbelts and prepare for liftoff. This isn’t a drill; this is Operation Maximum G-Force IPA. From the hangars of some beer brewing Top Guns, this is an imperial sortie designed to engage your taste buds in full-on aerial warfare. And, oh boy, does it deliver.

    Your objective, should you choose to accept, is to decimate 500ml of liquid ordinance clocking in at a sky-high 9.0% ABV. This is not for the faint-hearted; this is a dogfight where only the strong survive.

    On taxi to the runway, you’re immediately struck by the sleek design of the 500ml can. With its aluminum fuselage practically humming, it’s like holding an F-14 Tomcat in your hands, loaded and ready for a night mission.

    Crack open that can, and you’re hit with a sonic boom of citrus aromas. These aren’t your everyday scents; we’re talking fuel-grade, enough to light the afterburners and thrust you into the stratosphere. You don’t need an AWACS to tell you that you’re entering hostile territory filled with explosive flavor.

    Now, it’s guns-guns-guns! That first sip is an air-to-air missile of hops, making a direct hit on your palate. It’s the Maverick and Goose of beers, blasting its way through conventional IPAs like an ace with a full killboard. The citrus is your wingman, sharp and agile, cutting through the skies and slicing through the mundane flavors of lesser brews.

    Bogies will tell you to eject, but not today, my friends! This IPA has your six, providing a smooth finish that’s surprisingly disciplined, despite the high ABV. You’ll be tempted to perform a high-speed pass over the control tower, but remember, this bad boy is best enjoyed responsibly.

    Here’s the SitRep: Operation Maximum G-Force IPA is an unqualified success. After ingestion, it takes approximately 5 seconds for this brew to achieve mission objectives. That’s right, folks, a 5-second time-to-target that leaves you shitfaced and in awe of its aerodynamic perfection. It’s like pulling 9 G’s without the G-LOC. This is the kind of sortie that gets you a commendation medal—or at least some serious bragging rights at the O-club.

    In summary, Maximum G-Force IPA is not just a beer; it’s a tour of duty for your taste buds, a sort of BUD/S (Beer Undergoing Dramatic Sippage) for those who dare to ascend. It’s the beer equivalent of a flyby at the speed of sound, rattling the windows of conventional brewing and leaving a vapor trail of awesomeness in its wake. It’s not for everyone, but then again, not everyone has the right stuff.

    Your orders are clear. Engage with Maximum G-Force IPA, and make it snappy, pilot. Over and out. 🛩️🍻

    Rating: 5/5 Stars ★★★★★

    “Because I was inverted… over how awesome this beer is.”

    • Elisa Stanley-Hunt

      Wow! What a review!

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