Yerongpils Pilsner


Carton x 24

4.5% ABV
You need something cold, clean, crisp, and refreshing. You need a lawnmower beer. You need a Yerongpils Pilsner.

It’s inspired by German Pilsners but designed for the Australian heat. Familiar smells of earthiness, flowers, and fresh-cut grass draw you in, but then comes the Southern Hemisphere twist. Bright, zingy hop aromas of nectar take hold, hinting at the lively carbonation that’ll restore your energy. The fluffy white head leads into the classic bready malt flavours you were expecting, but then beyond that too subtle lemon notes, the slight woodiness, the fresh grassiness, and the steady bitterness. A crisp finish leaves your mouth clean, refreshed, and wanting more.

The ideal beer for after you’ve mowed the lawn. But also a great excuse to skip mowing the lawn.

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24 x 375 ml cans

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