We don’t discriminate at Slipstream, we love all IPAs – Brown IPAs, Cold IPAs, we’re even partial to the occasional Hazy IPA, but with the evolution of IPA brewing techniques, we’ve felt the need to circle back to our West Coast roots. Our latest IPA release is a West Coast IPA inspired by Brissie punk rockers The Saints “Know Your Product” – and that we do.

So, what are the core characteristics of a real West Coast IPA? These brews should be led by big hop aromas, strong bitterness is a non-negotiable and a malt balance is often present. The finish is generally dry and minerally.

In collaborating with BrewDog for its release, we’ve been able to combine our love for this style with punk rock influence.

At 7%, Sing It Up is a bold, full-bodied beer boasting Vic Secret, Cascade, Eclipse and Strata hops. It launches officially at Collabfest DogTap on the 21st of October and is available from Slipstream thereafter.

Sing It Up – West Coast IPA

ABV – 7%

IBU – 72

Hops – Vic Secret, Cascade, Eclipse, Strata